Design Made Simple It’s Not Rocket Science, but it is Living!

In one way or another we’ve all been there. Getting home from work, the kids bombarding us with artwork, and asking for play and food, we’re trying to start dinner realizing it’s already 6 and everyone’s hungry NOW! We don’t have time to clean, let alone even THINK about furniture placement, or wall colors.

So our homes sit there, dated in their retro 90s wallpaper you hate, furnished with your grandmother’s hand-me-down antiques and that IKEA sofa you found on sale that one weekend you had a sitter.

When you do have a spare second you and your spouse discuss what you’d love to do with your house, your favorite episode rehabs of Property Brothers or Fixer Upper. But when you start to share ideas together, you realize you’ll never be able to agree on the wall color, let alone ever convince them to get rid of that college recliner they love to sit in….

Where do you start when considering a home remodeling project? Do you find a contractor first or a designer? How early should you request a bid? The questions go on forever, and at the end of the day the truth is you don’t know where to begin. Left feeling more overwhelmed about your “potential” remodeling project than you are about your house cleaning.













Sound familiar?

Trust me, everyone feels the same way. And in some cases you think “wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a new house?!”, maybe…. but maybe not. Designing or Remodeling your space doesn’t have to be a headache, it doesn’t have to be a stress on your marriage, an upset of your daily lives. Redoing your house can be fun! What?! Yes, I said it. FUN!

Imagine sharing your Pinterest boards, or Houzz ideabooks, filling out a personal survey on your family and house hopes, emailing pictures of your current space, and within a few weeks time getting a personalized design plan that has turned your house into that photo you LOVE online. And guess what…. it’s YOUR HOUSE! Now you have a picture to share with your spouse, “Look honey, now can you visualize it, it’s what you wanted AND I wanted!”














Now you have a design plan that you can take shopping with you! Dimensions so you get the proper scale of furniture and your sofa is not overtaking your living room anymore. You won’t have to buy item after item, and make a million returns. Don’t have time to shop for it, receive the deliver, assemble the furniture? We can do that too!

Design can be simple, remodeling can be fun, just having the right guidance is essential! Go ahead, tempt yourself, just see what that unused dining room you pile Amazon boxes in can look like, and ENJOY COMING HOME!